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Shannon Murnaghan
Certified Labour Doula
(CAPPA Certified) 
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Professional Doula Services

  • Emotional, physical and informational support throughout your childbirth experience
  • on-call 24/7 surrounding your estimated due date
  • At least 2 prenatal visits in your home to discuss your concerns and wishes for your labour and birth
  • to help you identify your preferences in the form of a wish list
  • to help you devise a back up plan and a coping mindset if priorities are not met
  • to work on coping techniques for dealing with labour non-medicinally
  • to discuss feeding and parenting a newborn and any concerns you may have
  • use of my borrowing library
  • continuous attendance at labour and birth, whatever birthplace you choose
  • assistance with first latch and breastfeeding your newborn
  • 1-2 Postpartum visits to provide breastfeeding support, resources and answer your questions
  • back up doula coverage is also provided if required

Childbirth / Prenatal Classes

Birthing From Within®
Birthing From Within
These classes will take a holistic approach to preparing couples for their upcoming birth experience as well as their future as parents. It will cover all of the basics of childbirth and coping techniques, and will teach couples how to birth in awareness. By allowing women to look deeper into themselves to discover who they are as a birthing woman and their partners to discover themselves in the birthing world as supporters, couples will leave with confidence and knowledge, looking forward to their "Birth Day".


BIRTHING AGAIN is a refresher course for people having their second, third, fourth child or more. Whether or not they used Birthing From Within in the past these classes will allow them to take the time to prepare for the birth of 'this' baby, to slow down and connect, to process their previous birth(s) and to refresh in them the standards of practise in the current healthcare system and update them of any changes in protocol surrounding birth in our culture. We will incorporate the principles of Birthing From Within including Birth Art and Dialogue in a comfortable, small group setting.

Classes are scheduled to meet demand and therefore are built around YOUR requests.

Email: with your estimated due date and I will be in touch. Thank you.


Please use:
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"My husband found Shannon online while looking for a wholesome and holistic course. I was looking to gain knowledge in hospital protocols and procedures; however our expectations and knowledge goals were surpassed. Shannon's guidance on "birthing from within" covered our needs and so much more. The course was poetic, wholesome and it triggers your intuition and it helped me believe in my body and its capabilities and it gave my husband the confidence and the techniques to be the best supportive partner during labor. The course happens in an open environment where we immediately felt comfortable to express our doubts, fears and questions and we felt like we were right at home among family. The birth of a baby and the birth of the parents is no easy task but Shannon gave us the inspiration we needed. Every birth path is different for each one of us but the peace, confidence and strength we walked into our birth experience is thanks to Shannon. "

~ Lilia and Rogelio, September 2018
"We took Shannon's Birthing from Within classes while preparing for the birth of our first baby. The classes taught us about common medical practices, and focused on techniques to labour and birth naturally. I was especially impressed by how Shannon was able to convey information in an effective and clear way to my husband, who knew nothing about labouring and birthing naturally. Shannon was open to answering any question that any student had and was completely judgment free. I enjoyed how she drew on her own personal experiences and was open to sharing them as a teaching tool. You could really feel that Shannon cared about her students and cared that they were learning about what they wanted to learn about. I would recommend these classes to anyone who thinks they want to pursue having a natural birth, and for those who recognize birth as more than a medical experience, but a spiritual one. "

~ Jennifer and Nicholas Leclaire
"Shannon and the classes were amazing! From the first time I met Shannon I felt instantly comfortable with her, she is very warm, caring, and an extremely knowledgeable Doula. I enjoyed our five week course which covered everything from breathing techniques, caring for baby, breastfeeding, postpartum and much more. She integrated many fun and emotionally connecting exercises between not only us and our partners but with the group. I would definitely recommend any parents-to-be to take Shannon’s course as I feel that I gained a better understanding of the birthing process and gained the confidence to know I can do it, all thanks to Shannon’s guidance and support! "

~ Linsee and Gerrett Commeford
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